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Visas & Customs Requirements

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Marriage of American citizens in Ecuador must be performed in accordance with Ecuadorian law. A marriage that is valid under Ecuadorian law is generally valid in any state of the United States. The information furnished below is only for general information, since the interpretation of Ecuadorian laws and regulations does not fall within the competence of the U.S. Embassy.

If you wish to get married in Ecuador, contact the district office of the town in which you, or your spouse-to-be, is a resident or the nearest Ecuadorian Consulate in the United States to ascertain the local marriage requirements. An American citizen who wants to get married in Ecuador must establish, to the satisfaction of the Ecuadorian authorities, that s/he is free to marry under the laws of the state of his/her residence in the United States. Additionally, Ecuadorian law requires non-residents of Ecuador to reside in Ecuador for 75 consecutive days prior to the date they wish to marry. Exceptions are granted if the non-resident has Ecuadorian children.

To be legal, all marriages must be performed by a Ecuadorian civil authority. Religious ceremonies do not have legal validity under Ecuadorian law.

The Ecuadorian Government will ask you for the following documentation:
  • Passport with a valid Ecuadorian visa (original and a copy). Foreigners with resident status in Ecuador should also have a 'Cedula de identidad'.

  • Documents to prove the legal termination of any previous marriages (divorce, death or annulment certificates). Foreign documents must be authenticated by an Ecuadorian Consul abroad (not in Ecuador) or an 'apostille' by the appropriate Central Authority in the U.S. or other country under The Hague Convention and accompanied by a certified translation into Spanish. The certification of the translation must be done by an Ecuadorian Consul in the United States, an Ecuadorian Civil Court or an Ecuadorian Notary public (in Ecuador).

  • Notarized declaration of nationality and civil status prepared by the Foreign Embassy or Consulate in Ecuador. (Affidavit for Marriage).
The civil ceremony has a fee of US $6.00 if it is performed at the Civil Registry Office or US $60.00 if it is performed at a private place. Civil Registry Office are located at:
  1. Calle Mejia and Guayaquil (Quito)
  2. Calle Auz y Amazonas (Quito)
  3. Ave. Teniente Hugo Ortiz (Turubamba)

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